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Dreamy Creations

Creations that are just too dreamy!

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CLOSED! ON HIATUS! [updated: October 2nd, 2004

Brandi ~ whiterage

bopbopbaby8604 (sister community dreamycreations & requestline)

Please Read the Rules Before Requesting At All Times! This community is an "everything" community which means this community does icons, friends only banners, memorials, blinkies, graphics and sometimes layouts.

Please comment to the public post in the community to be added.

1 blinkie a week (your next request may be one week from the day you pick it up).

1 icon a week (your next request may be one week from the day you pick it up).

1 Graphic per week (which means friends-only banners, memorials, layouts, etc.)

No Direct-Linking. Don't know what Direct-Linking is? Ask.

Saying Please and Thank You are appreciated in this community. Respect is a must.

If you have a problem with a member or a maker or myself, please contact me and refrain from causing drama in this community.

Please read the previous posts in the community to note any changes that were not noted in the rules before posting a request.

This is to make sure you read the rules. Please put this code phrase/word in the subject line: "life is a rose with thorns"

The Code will be changed often to make sure the regular requesters read the rules everytime before requesting.

Please do not take my originals elsewhere, thank you.

Be very specific in your icons/friends only banners/graphics/layouts if you have no examples to use. Use this form below to request an non-example request.

a) what font[s]?
b) what color[s]?
c) what image do you want [graphic] to consist of? If so, please provide an image.
d) Sparkles, flashing text, glitter, blinkies hearts, and/or stars? If so, please specify which and where, etc.
e) More details?

Thanks to lilkrayzeechick for making the layout!

Thanks to Lauren bopbopbaby8604 for still being around after me being gone for a long time =D

Thanks to the DreamyCreations members, you all have been great, thanks for being patient with the long overdue opening of this community, heh.

I'll be updating this section more later on!


Please link us back by taking either buttons provided here in your userinfo. You can either link back with a button or a text link :]